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Cradlepoint Routers

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The broadest portfolio of Wireless WAN solutions

Wireless WAN solutions are changing how organizations connect and secure their digitally transformed ways of doing business. Pairing 5G and LTE routers and adapters with next-level tools for security and performance optimization — all through a cohesive Cradlepoint subscription model — provides the reliability, security, and agility to handle everything that the future holds.

Boost reliability with connection flexibility

When wires are the only option, reliability suffers. Wireless WAN solutions give IT teams the power to choose which connection configurations work best in each unique situation and geographical area. The freedom afforded by wireless and wired combinations is enhanced by Cradlepoint’s many cloud-based options for monitoring and managing network performance — including SD-WAN.

Infuse zero trust security into WWAN deployments

Build upon the multifaceted inherent security of 5G and Wireless WAN with Cradlepoint’s additional layers of protection. Easily added zero trust options include encrypted tunnels that replace traditional VPNs, secure remote access for third parties and employees that require specialized access, and protection against malware in web searches and email.

Scale faster and with more simplicity

Cradlepoint Wireless WAN solutions are highly scalable, thanks to the agility of cellular broadband and the intuitiveness of Cradlepoint NetCloud — where everything from routers and adapters to SD-WAN and zero trust security are set up, monitored, and manipulated with pointand-click ease from anywhere.